I am Noah Carter and I am a first year student at Longwood¬† University and the Cormier Honors College. I am a Business Administration Major with a concentration in Accounting and a minor in Economics. After I complete my Bachelor’s Degree, I plan to get my Master’s Degree in Business Administration and also get my CPA license. I hope to one day start my own financial advisory firm. The financial advisory branch of accounting is the path I want to take in my career.

The degree I chose is a large departure from my passions and interests. While I do love the business world and everything it has shown me so far, my true passion is music. I teach music classes alongside my father in our own small business, Carter’s Music and Art School, in Clarksville, Virginia. I also work three other jobs currently while I attend Longwood. I enjoy learning, reading, photography, and spending time with my friends. I am also a commuter student who is extremely hardworking and passionate about everything I commit myself to. I try very hard to meet my personal standards and the standards of Longwood and the Cormier Honors College.

I am a third generation student, with both my parents and my aunt being alumni here at Longwood. Longwood has always been an integral part of my family and myself, and it was always the definition of what a college was supposed to be to me. There were no other schools even on the list of colleges I considered. I am thankful everyday because without Longwood, I would never have been able to attend college. I am looking forward to spending many years here furthering my educational and personal growth.

My Longwood Journey