Being one of the three pillars of the Cormier Honors College, the Community Pillar is integral to the development of successful Honors Students. The community that the Honors College develops over the course of the year through the Honors Retreat, New Lancer Days, Honors LSEM, and the numerous Honors College Clubs is a force that is felt across the campus. Being able to be involved with this organization is an amazing feeling, and really helps the transition from high school to college. The friends that I made through the Honors College this year have been the closest to me during my time at Longwood, and without them and their support this year would have been tremendously more difficult to get through. The connections I made with my fellow students this year will always have a lasting impact on me, and I hope to continue to build great networks like the ones I did this year throughout the rest of my time at Longwood University and the Cormier Honors College.

My Longwood Journey