Goal 1- Honors LSEM 51

LSEM was one of my favorite classes during my first semester at Longwood. It helped that I was a part of the Honors College and this was one of the Honors sections of LSEM. Many of my friends in non-Honors LSEM classes had a much harder time adjusting to college life than the people I had in my Honors LSEM, myself included. This class provided us with very important building blocks that helped us create a successful environment for ourselves within college. The class was really helpful to me emotionally as well. Throughout my first semester, I was very stressed. Being a commuter student made it hard for me to create friendships that were lasting and many times I had no one to talk with. Honors LSEM really helped me find true friends and helped me build meaningful connections with the people I shared this class with.

By the end of this class in November, I felt as if I had truly grown in many ways. I grew as a person; my ability to socialize with new people was tested and I honed it well. I grew as a student; the requirements for this class were not extreme, but if I did not keep on top of my assignments and due dates, I would have fallen behind and not been able to make President’s List. Finally, I grew as a Lancer; I feel that this class helps you adapt to the community that is Longwood University and shows that at Longwood, everyone truly is family. When I finished Honors LSEM, I felt as if I had truly become part of the family.


My Longwood Journey