Serving others is an important part of what the Cormier Honors College expects of its students. Throughout the year the Honors College provides its students with multiple service opportunities that help them give back to the community in a way that bridges the gap between Farmville and Longwood University. These service opportunities are a staple of the annual Honors Retreat and every Cormier student, old and new, participate in the activities and service opportunities. This year I participated in helping clean the High Bridge Trail by picking up trash and making sure nothing was damaged. Along with this, Honors students must participate in and write about one service opportunity of their choosing throughout the school year. This year I helped with a fundraising effort for the Southside Virginia SPCA. At this event I helped set up the event, build give away prices like cat trees, and directed parking. These opportunities gave me a chance to see what the Honors College provided; a network of professional and kind college students that are willing to give their time to help others. I love this about the Cormier Honors College and it truly makes me feel as if I’m in the right place within this organization.

My Longwood Journey