The scholarship pillar of the Cormier Honors College is vital to the framework of the Honors College. Scholarship is what I take the most pride in at Longwood. Throughout my life I have always held a very high academic standard for myself. Honor Roll wasn’t a reward for me, it was something I had to get. This helped put me in a good position when I started in college, as I graduated top ten in my class with the highest honors to be received at my high school.

At Longwood, I continued this pursuit of academic excellence. I would study up to 5 hours per class per week on top of the jobs I work. It was a lot of stress, and I shot my nerves more than a few times, but in the end it truly paid off. In the Fall of 2017, I made both Dean’s List for the College of Business and Economics and the Longwood President’s List. These honors truly showed my work and commitment had paid off. Without the help of the Honors College, I would not have had the encouragement and support to achieve the goals I set forth for myself within the Scholarship Pillar.

My Longwood Journey