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Human Behavior and Social Institutions

POSC 100- The American Political System

I took this class with Dr. Harbour in Fall 2018, my first semester at Longwood. I enjoyed this class so much more than I thought I would. Learning about the inner workings of the American political system intrigued me to the point of considering changing my major to political science. If you have read my biography, you know it doesn’t take much for me to consider such things! This class made me eager to learn more about the way our country is run and take a deeper look at the people who are in the highest seats of power. Two years later and I still apply topics I learned in this class when I watch the news and when I decided who I will vote for. Other than the fact that this was an 8am class and I did not particularly enjoy my professor, topic wise, POSC 100 has been one of my favorite classes at Longwood.

Global Citizenship

ASL 110- Begin Language and Culture

A reflection of this class can be found under the Perspectives tab along with my reflection of and artifacts from ASL 210.

Quantitative Reasoning

Math 135- Mathematical Modeling of Finance

To satisfy the Quantitative Reasoning pillar I took Mathematical Modeling of Finance with Professor Stanton. The second half of this class was very useful in that it prepared me to make budgets and I learned how to break down loan agreements. This class helped me gain many useful skills that I will be able to implement when I begin to pay my own bills and take out loans. I found the topic of this class interesting and I enjoyed being able to break down numbers and apply formulas to figure out things such as interest rates and monthly payments. I think this is a very useful course that everyone should take because it helps prepare for the financial realties of adult life.

In this class we were assigned three written paper projects where we paired with partners and created a financial plan. Below I have attached my final project. The assignment was to work with a partner and make an Amortization table/schedule for an item that we desired. I worked with my partner and we each chose an object we wanted and then created separate tables. In this project the object I desired was a new car (object A).


Aesthetic Expressions

English 220- Intro to Dramatic Writing

During my first semester I took a dramatic writing class with Professor Carroll-Hackett that was based on writing and analyzing screenplays for short films and movies. Before taking this class I had the assumption that it was solely going to be a dramatic writing class. The biggest thing I took away was that I am definitely not a screenwriter. I learned that I prefer to write research-based papers and things that are analytical and thought provoking. While this workshopping class was very thought provoking and could be analytical at times depending on how in depth the writer was, this class was not my favorite. Mary (that’s what Professor Carroll-Hackett preferred to be called) is an incredibly interesting woman and genuinely sparked an interest in me. I was fascinated in seeing all the background work that goes into making a movie. We learned that for each page written, it equates to one minute of screen time. This fact is amazing to me because I struggled writing my 9 page short-film script and I cannot imagine writing one that is over 200 pages. I can honestly say that I have not watched a movie in the same way as I did before this class.  Even though I did not necessarily like the topic of the course and it was the source of many late nights, it prompted me to dig deep when coming up with plots. I have taken away a lot of valuable lessons from this course that go beyond screenwriting thanks to Mary.


We were assigned to write four scripts throughout the course of the semester, workshopping each others on a rotation schedule each week. Each week after workshopping other’s scripts and hearing feedback on mine, I gained knowledge about plot and character development and basic formatting. The most challenging part about writing a screenplay is creating the characters. Each has to have qualities and quirks that make them human and not one dimensional.  I struggled the most with this throughout the semester but through reading my classmates scripts and talking about it each class, I eventually learned how to improve my characters and what drives them. The script below is the second one I wrote for this class and I’ll admit that it’s not very good but I am not the most creative person when it comes to creating a storyline.

Scientific Reasoning

PSYC 101- Intro to Psychology

I took AP Psychology my senior year of high school and achieved a high score on the AP Exam, allowing my class to transfer as college credit.

Historical and Contemporary Insights

History 221- US History Colonial-1877

I took this class through John Brown University, during my junior year of high school. This counted as dual-enrollment credit here at Longwood University.