Honors CTZN 110

The first Honors course I took at Longwood was CTZN 110 with Dr. Dudley-Shotwell. This course was labeled Bodies and Citizens and it was largely related to women and gender studies. I did not particularly enjoy this course as it was contrary to many of my beliefs, but after the conclusion of the semester I felt well-educated on many topics that I had not previously been exposed to. The formatting of this class was unique and not what I expected of a college course. I very much enjoyed that each class time we met there was student lead discussion on the articles we had annotated for that week. Our grades in the class were taken from our weekly annotations and class discussions. I appreciate that participation was taken into account when grades were given. Our ability to analyze and effectively communicate the main concepts of articles played a key role in our course grade.

As a final project for the class we were prompted to design a course syllabus on a topic that interested us. We were able to use a topic that we had discussed in class or choose one of our own. Below I have attached my final project on illegal immigrants and their effects on the American healthcare system. I loved doing this project because it prompted me to do a lot of research and educate myself.

Author: Payten Bovat

Title: Illegal Immigrants in the Healthcare System

Date: December 2018

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