Honors EDUC 245

The second Honors course I took at Longwood was Human Growth and Development with Dr. Cosby. This class was focused on investigating how children advance from infancy through adolescence. I loved this class and how hands-on all of the activities were. Each time we met there was some sort of activity for the day. Dr. Cosby did a wonderful job at engaging all of the students and making sure that concepts were grasped before we moved on. Our grades were comprised of quizzes, tests, class activities, daily attendance, and four projects. While this class was heavy in course work, each and every activity was applicable to what we had been learning throughout the semester. One of our four projects was to design an inquiry-based study on any topic we wanted relating to child development. Below I have attached my Inquiry-Based Project.

The topic I chose to research for my Inquiry-Based Project was the effects that having a terminally ill sibling has on child development. Designing three research questions and conducting research through reading scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, I was able to determine both the positive and the negative effects this has on a child throughout their developmental years. After research, I used the theories and theorists of child development and applied and compared them to my findings. I enjoyed this project because Dr. Cosby gave us the freedom of choosing a topic that interested us. This project allowed me to reflect on all the material I had learned throughout the semester and apply it to a modern day, real life. situation. Having teaching be my future profession, I gained many valuable skills in how to work with children in this particular situation.

Author: Payten Bovat

Title: Inquiry Based Project: Developmental Effects of Having a Terminally Ill Sibling

Date: April 9, 2019