It is often thought that one person can’t make a big enough difference to elicit a change; my personal testimony and the things I have been able to accomplish show the very opposite. One person can ignite the spark that ignites many others to help make a difference. A movement often starts with one person, and I believe that holds true to serving as well. I use this truth as my inspiration when seeking out service opportunities and beginning new and exciting projects. I am a very service oriented person and I value the ability I have in being able to help and assist people when there is a need. The honors college has provided its students with ample opportunities to exhibit and expand the leadership skills we have attained. While at Longwood, I have learned the importance of leadership roles and the ability I have to make an impact in any position that I serve in. Being a member of the Cormier Honors College, I have gained valuable skills in implementing ways to be a citizen leader that I will carry with me throughout my next three years at Longwood and beyond.