Letter to my senior self

In three years, when I am in my final few months at Longwood, I hope to be completing my degree in Liberal Studies and earning an English minor.¬†Ideally, I will have been accepted into a master’s program for English, or the plus one program at Longwood where I will earn my master’s degree in Education. My biggest academic goal is to make the Presidents list and graduate summa cum laude.¬† At this point in my undergraduate career I hope to have become SGA President, an Ambassador, a peer mentor, and a member of Mortar Board. In my freshman year alone I have become heavily involved on Longwood’s campus and I hope to continue this throughout the next three years. Looking ahead, my goal is to enjoy my college years as much as I can as well as to build strong relationships with faculty and make large strides to benefit Longwood’s students and the university as a whole.¬†