Enhancement of ENGL 365

ENGL 365 is the first course that I have enhanced at Longwood. Solely dedicated to intricately studying and analyzing Shakespearean plays and sonnets, this class greatly enriched my thought process and analytical skills. Throughout the course of the Spring 2020 semester we read and studied a variety of Shakespeare’s comedy, tragedy, and historical plays. In deciding which play would be the topic of our enhancement, my partner Amber and I conducted research of which plays are most commonly adapted and concluded to make the comedy, Twelfth Night or What You Will, the subject of our enhancement. During the research process we watched a total of four film adaptations ranging from 1910-2006. Spending many hours delving deep into research and watching approximately six hours of movies, finishing this project is one of the most rewarding things I have accomplished.

Writing alongside another person was a new experience for me and while initially challenging, my writing skills greatly improved from this partnership. Merging writing styles, we aimed to give our paper a tone that was academic and professional while still presenting as approachable and casual to readers. I experienced vast professional and personal development due to my training as a writing consultant, coincidentally concurrent with the timeline of my partner and I writing our enhancement paper. Both training to become tutors at Longwood’s writing center, Amber and I used our desire of helping writers flourish and applied the skills we were learning in training to our own project.  Working on this enhancement for an entire semester and then seeing the finished product left me feeling rewarded and accomplished in my academic studies.

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