Serving others has always had a special place in my life. In high school I was the president of my high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. In NHS we always had the opportunity to serve. Every week members, including myself, would go around collecting recycling from all the classrooms in the school. We also sponsored 2 blood drives per year and each Wednesday we’d go to the elementary school next door and read to the kids there. Serving the community is also a big factor in my life. When I am at home I serve with AFSP, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this organization has become a big part of my life. It has taught me life lessons and expanded my knowledge.

One of the best parts about coming to Longwood was the Honors retreat, but in that Honors retreat we got the opportunity to serve. The service project I got to take a part of was going to finish painting a mural. My group added so much to the mural and we painted all right before having to go to graduation for Honors. That was one of the coolest projects I have ever worked with. The Honors Student Association also has given me opportunities to serve. For example working at the SPCA for their Fall Festival. Serving the community is the best way to grow as an individual.

Below I have attached a picture from the Honors retreat service project I participated in.