Goals reflect the values and culture of a building. As such, our goals reflect what we wish to achieve as educators and our dreams for our students.

  • Increase reading & comprehension levels across ethnicities & SES
  • Increase mathematical abilities across ethnicities & SES
  • Provide hands-on investigative science applications for real-world learning
  • Connect historical concepts to the present
  • Create a culture of warmth & safety
  • Promote positive & healthy interactions student to student, student to staff, staff to student, staff to staff
  • Increase opportunities for parent engagement & interaction
  • Provide multiple avenues of communication between staff & parents
  • Encourage & invite community stakeholders to engage with students through relevant community relation projects

2017 – 2018 School Improvement Academic Goals

The goals decided by SLP to focus on academic improvement are:

»Increase the 6th-grade pass advance rate from 39% to 46%.

»Increase the 8th-grade writing pass advance rate from 50% to 57%. (MET & EXCEEDED! 60% PASS ADVANCE!)

»Improve teacher instruction for the gifted learner with updated research and refresher courses, but also to include providing professional development in reaching and understanding the urban gifted learner as the school’s demographics change.

The goals decided by SLP to focus on academic improvement are:

»Put money into the beautification and structural patchwork of the building to creating a more appealing environment for not just students and staff, but also incoming visits from community and prospective parents.

»Create a master schedule that meets the needs of all teachers while providing students with the educational opportunities to which they are entitled.

»Hire the additional staff needed to support the influx of students and creating space and provided needed class materials to accommodate them.

The implementation will focus on five actions steps designed by the SLP committee.

»Focus area 1: Emphasis on literacy and writing.

»Focus area 2: The goal of raising the pass-advanced rate for sixth grade to 46% and 57% for 8th grade.

»Focus area 3: School climate results. To create a nurturing, safe, and enthusiastic learning environment.

»Focus area 4: Helping teachers meet their SMART goals, focusing on effective and proven instruction.

»Focus area 5: Notation of what skills, assessments, and tools were used to improve sixth grade CAT scores, creating a school database that pools together material to be shared through the school.