Educational Philosophy

Administration is the gilding light in teacher instruction and student outcomes.  Administrative decisions set the tone, the culture, and the expectations of a building. Therefore it is imperative that an administrator is not just a manager, but rather a multi-faceted leader who is able to encompass multiple roles such as being a visionary, a collaborator, an advocate, a facilitator, an innovator, and a mentor.

It is my goal to be that multi-faceted leader cable of addressing and publicizing the building mission in a meaning manner that allows all to know who we are and what we stand for.  By using my positional authority to work collaboratively with parents, staff, students, and community stakeholders to advocate for our students, our staff, and our building needs. I will seek to facilitate open communication and clearly define expectations. Furthermore, I will facilitate the continuous education of my teachers through relevant, rigorous, and data-driven professional development meant to improve upon classroom instruction while increasing student outcomes.  As an administrator, I will continuously push my staff and students by never accepting the status quo. Instead, I will press upon innovative and exciting changes in education, helping to develop and establish strong educational programs proven to increase student achievement. I will continuously assess and seek educational opportunities that provide positive, impactful changes within the building. Lastly, as an administrator, I will want to mentor both teachers and students. I will accomplish this by setting the professional example in demean and open communication by providing instructional and professional guidance to the staff and allowing my teachers to lead from the classroom. I will build authentic, genuine, and sustaining relationships with our students, offering them support not just for the time they are in the building, but guiding them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

This philosophy, built upon a love of lifelong learning that will encourage relationships, allow for professional growth, provide mutual respect, build compassion, and push creativity that will help us be more than a school but become an actual community. A community that where students will want to learn, teachers will want to teach, and parents will find joy in their child’s progress.