Managing Resources

Resource Managment


Maintaining accurate financial records is imperative in an industry with ever-diminishing financial resources.  Administrators must be aware of the state of their financial records and the spending of building funds at all times. Way to manage financial resources include:


  • Hiring a certified and accredited CFO
  • Reviewing weekly financial reports
  • Monthly meeting with CFO to review budget, spending, and receipts accountable
  • Reviewing monthly bank statements



Qualified teachers and staff are the most important resource within a school building.  Maintaining a full, qualified, and reliable staff may be one of the most important jobs for an administrator.  Ways to increase and capitalize on human resources include:


  • Create a positive work environment
  • Provide mentors, coaching, and feedback
  • Show appreciation through compensation or benefits
  • Provide growth opportunities
  • Match job placement according to skills and talents
  • Demonstrate mutual respect
  • Have open lines of communication
  • Provide opportunities for employees to contribute to the growth of the school by providing opportunities to contribute through committees and programs
  • Ensure resources are readily available and in quantity


Schools cost money and a major part of that cost is ensuring that supplies and materials are abundant and readily available for staff, teacher, and student use. Ways to track inventory include:

  • Keep a spreadsheet of materials readily available within the building, including desks, chairs, textbooks, classroom supplies, technology etc.
  • Keep a running log of broken items and replacements on order
  • Keep a log of materials within individual classrooms, including desks, chairs, technology, etc.
  • Ensure that items like laptops, desktops, Ipads, printers, and other forms of technology are appropriately logged and barcoded for tracking and accountability purposes. Ensure all issued technology is signed out by the users for accountability purposes.
  • Have on centralized to ensure each update or change is recorded for full accountability.
  • Use barcoding for immediate database updating.
  • Take quarterly counts of inventory of information technology (IT).