Team Up

Emma Beckett, designer Wade Lough, Chris Register and Amanda Christensen, faculty advisors The thought of working with another person on an assignment or project is a very daunting thing for some people. A good majority of students who enter college have yet to work with other individuals and collaborate with them in such a way … Continue reading →

Graphic Design, Volume 8


Melissa Cacho, designer Wade Lough , Chris Register, and Amanda Christensen, faculty advisors Incoming freshman are susceptible to roommate trouble, home sickness and social adjustment, among many other issues with transitioning from high school to college. The Longwood University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office has a lot to offer to the students who struggle … Continue reading →

Graphic Design, Volume 8

How Tired is Your Cup?

Bianca Cherry, designer Chris Register, faculty advisor awarded second place in the poster category Caffeine is considered a stimulant of the central nervous system. My infographic presents a study of coffee being consumed by exhausted students at Longwood University’s Java City Cafe, by including dates, times, genders, and class ranks most impacted. All of these factors were considered in the … Continue reading →

Graphic Design, Volume 8


Briana Adhikusuma, artist Michael Mergen, faculty advisor Her. She is this, she is that. She is molded by the ideas of those around her. She relies on no one but herself, but does not always reveal her strength of independent thought. The images pinned to her are but ornaments on her identification. These weigh her … Continue reading →

Art, Volume 8

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Chiara Enriquez, artist Lauren Rice, faculty advisor I paint the world I see, and I see the strangest things. Using digital media I use what I’ve learned in my painting and drawing major to depict Technicolor fairy tale worlds where the strange is beautiful and where the things that aren’t are. Continue reading →

Art, Volume 8


Raven Collins, artist Lauren Rice, faculty advisor Quite often, my work uses perceptions of time as an encompassing quality or focus. The three tenses have found their place in my work recurrently. This piece in particular, is based on the notion of a demoralizing future. The physical decay is only a small part. Regardless of … Continue reading →

Art, Volume 8

“Who Says”: How Selena Gomez and The Scene Attempt to Subvert the Popular Standards of Beauty

Casey Dawn Gailey, author Dr. Elif Guler, faculty advisor In 2006, the National Bullying Prevention Month campaign was established in the United States by the PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Center’s National Bullying Prevention Center. PACER, an organization that aims to help children and teens with disabilities, has recently expanded to incorporate the … Continue reading →

English And Modern Languages, Featured, Volume 8