“Who Says”: How Selena Gomez and The Scene Attempt to Subvert the Popular Standards of Beauty

Casey Dawn Gailey, author Dr. Elif Guler, faculty advisor In 2006, the National Bullying Prevention Month campaign was established in the United States by the PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) Center’s National Bullying Prevention Center. PACER, an organization that aims to help children and teens with disabilities, has recently expanded to incorporate the … Continue reading →

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Value in Color

Amelia McConnell, designer Chris Register, faculty advisor awarded first place in the visual works category My objective was to design an info-graphic that educates a specific audience and to package that information in a unique way to engage that audience. My target audience was graphic design seniors preparing to enter the job market. The info-graphic … Continue reading →

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In Repair

Rowan Davis, artist Michael Mergen, faculty advisor This series of photographs includes a continuing study of romanticized images of horses using natural light. The enigma behind these photographs is in the significance that they are all horses in rehabilitation. These horses were unwanted, mistreated and malnourished. My focus, however, is not on their misfortune but … Continue reading →

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“Mono Duality”

Ben Osterhout, artist — Throwing on the wheel, I create objects that range in form from classic styled shapes to abstract decorative pieces. I like to use ceramics as a ground for my paintings. I have found that throwing on the wheel is meditative, and the three dimensionality of the form helps to accentuate my … Continue reading →

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Lindsay Graybill, designer — Because of the growing availability and portability of gadgets for all age groups, many young parents use technology as a substitution for personal communication and physical contact. They do not realize that children can be negatively affected by this unnatural replacement. My senior project is targeted toward these parents and serves … Continue reading →

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“Things Left Behind”

Dallas Price, artist — My interest lies in examining the effects of immigration and how it relates to personal narratives. Why do people risk their lives in an effort to bypass the system, and leave their families behind as they journey across the border into the United States? Is this going to make one’s life … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Featured, Volume 7