Little Scarface

By Annaliese Troxell, artist

“Little Scarface” 2012 912˝ X 212” X 3˝ suminagashi, handmade abaca paper, methylcellulose, linen thread “Little Scarface” is based on researching body adornment, the history of the moccasin, and the literary Native American legend, The Hidden One. The story is of a young girl, called “Little Scarface,” who after losing her mother is treated horribly … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Volume 5

Repurposing Woodblocks

By T. Dane Summerell, artist

When printing, I fall in love with the smell of the ink, the sound of the smacking rollers, and the texture of the wood as it transforms from smooth to rough with every surface cut. Within the process of printmaking there is a lot of waste. By turning the woodblock into furniture it gives insight … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Volume 5