“My Jane Austen Novel”: Literary Tradition in McEwan’s Atonement

By Kate Carrubba

In his 2001 novel Atonement, Ian McEwan presents a story brimming with allusions to other literary works. Briony Tallis, her elder sister Cecelia, and their childhood friend Robbie Turner are characters all heavily influenced by British literature. Robbie and Cecelia both studied literature at Cambridge, and Briony is an aspiring author. Briony is a thirteen … Continue reading →

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College Bullying: An Exploratory Analysis

By Amelia D. Perry

Abstract Most research on bullying focuses on the K-12 education system or the workplace, but few studies focus on higher education. Most colleges combine hazing, harassment, and bullying into one category, which makes a primary focus on bullying difficult. Researchers have identified four main types of bullying: physical, verbal, social, and cyber. For this study, … Continue reading →

Psychology, Research, Volume 4, Volume 6

Hazing in Black Greek Lettered Organizations: A Symbolic Interactionist Study

By Tristan Cunningham

Abstract Black Greek Lettered Organizations have provided many opportunities for students since their inception.  They have been integral in the lives of many cultural icons such as Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, and Shaquille O’Neal.  Hazing is slowly but surely ripping these organizations apart as their relevancy and purpose on college campus around the … Continue reading →

Communication Studies, Research, Volume 6

I Think I’ve Got It…Now I Don’t: Sherman Alexie’s Attempt to Work Through Human Unhappiness and the Joycean Epiphany

By Megan Clements

Epiphanies are supposed to be rare moments in which a person uncovers some great realization about their lives, and this realization is life-altering. Sherman Alexie is not the first author to use epiphany in his stories, but he is perhaps one of the few to use it in such a new, and perhaps more genuine … Continue reading →

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Green Bay Elementary JG

By Jamie Gardner, photographer

In 1963, civil rights activist and graduate student Edward Peeples photographed the closed schools of Prince Edward County in a documentary fashion as part of his masters thesis. I have rephotographed his images of the schools fifty years later. His thesis was based on the awareness of a civil rights injustice that was happening in the county and much the … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Volume 6

1501 North 22nd Street

By Emily Poulin, photographer

Like many neighborhoods within cities in America, Union Hill of Richmond was built quickly with many homes of the same style. Each home was built primarily with the same standardized materials to ensure affordability for the average middle class families that were hoping to settle in a prosperous capitalist town. The series depicts a catalogue of the once thriving community … Continue reading →

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