Melissa Cacho, designer
Wade Lough , Chris Register, and Amanda Christensen, faculty advisors


Incoming freshman are susceptible to roommate trouble, home sickness and social adjustment, among many other issues with transitioning from high school to college. The Longwood University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) office has a lot to offer to the students who struggle with a variety of different issues in college. Unfortunately, the office is not well known to many students as a resource for coping with these issues. My senior project caters to incoming students as well as the campus as a whole in order to educate them about the services offered by the Longwood University Counseling and Psychological Services office (CAPS).  The project also is intended to help eliminate the stigma that is associated with seeking counseling help.
When designing this project, I focused on the issues students have in adjusting to college and the resources offered by the CAPS office. My solution was to re-brand the CAPS office to make it more visible and approachable to students, as well as create components that can be utilized by students to get the help they need.

Cacho_CAPS_TIPS-AND-TRICKS-1-5Front of one of the “Tips & Tricks” cards



Back of one of the “Tips & Tricks” cards.


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