Portrait of Taylor California

Mollie Andrews, artist Michael Mergen, faculty advisor Modern women are fascinating subjects and their journey in America over time has been well documented in the art world. There was a specific artist that caught my eye, American painter William Merritt Chase from the late 19th century. He made portraits, a gallant gentleman with a mustache … Continue reading →

Art, Volume 8


Carson Reeher, artist Michael Mergen, faculty advisor awarded third place in the visual works category This is a series about Farmville, VA. On the surface it may speak of a town aging, a town filled with people, buildings, ideas that are stuck in the past, not moving or changing, slow. Slow like my summer days … Continue reading →

Art, Volume 8

In Repair

Rowan Davis, artist Michael Mergen, faculty advisor This series of photographs includes a continuing study of romanticized images of horses using natural light. The enigma behind these photographs is in the significance that they are all horses in rehabilitation. These horses were unwanted, mistreated and malnourished. My focus, however, is not on their misfortune but … Continue reading →

Art, Featured, Volume 8

“Heretic Adornment”

Laura Kahler, artist Jewelry is almost always used as a means of adornment. Heretic Adornment is the result of examining Medieval torture devices. These implements have always interested me, for they are meant to draw out the process of punishment no matter the device. While researching and juxtaposing jewelry and papermaking, I chose to combine … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Volume 7

“Lasting Light”

Eamon Brokenbrough, artist I grew up in the rural South. When I was younger and I would be stuck to my dad’s hip for an errand run, it would be rare when he would not encounter someone to talk to. It seemed to me that all people ever wanted to talk about was the past … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Volume 7

“Mono Duality”

Ben Osterhout, artist — Throwing on the wheel, I create objects that range in form from classic styled shapes to abstract decorative pieces. I like to use ceramics as a ground for my paintings. I have found that throwing on the wheel is meditative, and the three dimensionality of the form helps to accentuate my … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Featured, Volume 7

“Things Left Behind”

Dallas Price, artist — My interest lies in examining the effects of immigration and how it relates to personal narratives. Why do people risk their lives in an effort to bypass the system, and leave their families behind as they journey across the border into the United States? Is this going to make one’s life … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Featured, Volume 7


Sarah Charlton, artist — I am drawn towards the unknown. This house in Farmville has been abandoned for many years, yet so many belongings have been left untouched. What has been left behind says a lot about the person who owned it. I am photographing the objects I find in the home as well as … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Featured, Volume 7