My experience as Honor student is different from many as you have probably seen in my many reflections. I chose Longwood for softball,  but the Honors College seemed like a great opportunity to challenge myself as a student. I was told that honors was not necessarily more work, just different work. This seemed attractive as well.

In my honors experience, I had professors that required both different and more work. Other professors just challenged the honors students in different ways. For example, my Honors English 400 class required us, as a class, to agree on a semester long project that involved the community. Usually, the project is assigned to you as is, however, my honors colleagues and I had to collaborate on a meaningful project without knowing each other very well. We all had different values and ideas about what to do. This is a prime example of honors work, we were given more freedom to do something that otherwise would be made for us with no opinion.  We all had different roles and worked together to do something to better our community.

The Honors College permits us to have more creativity, while also maintaining expectations of high academic productivity.