My name is Arleigh Wood and I am a Biology Major with a double minor in Chemistry and Spanish. I play on the Women’s Softball team and participate in other groups around campus, such as the PreMed Scholars and Student Athletic Advisory Committee. I chose Longwood because of the small town that felt like my hometown, as well as the small classes that gave me opportunities to know and form relationships with my professors. I am a part of a large family, who I love being near at Longwood. I am pursuing a career in medicine in the future. Longwood had so many opportunities for me to prepare to be a standout medical student, I could not think of a better college for me to spend my undergraduate career.

I have wanted to be a doctor ever since I was little. I am a natural born caretaker and love all things anatomy and biology. When I was in middle school, I joined a summer program where students could go into hospitals and speak with doctors on duty. My love for medicine began when I saw how impactful doctors were on people lives, all while being life long learners of something they love. I cannot see myself doing anything else.

My experiences and classes that I have written about have shaped me into the person and scholar I am today. The opportunity to participate in the Cormiers Honors College has prepared me for my future career in medicine, which will require personal and academic skills that I have honed at Longwood University. I hope that you enjoy reading about my journey in Honors as much as I have enjoyed living it!