Goal 7: History 100

History 100 Western Civilizations was a class that taught me more about hard work than it could have ever taught me about history. History is my least favorite class and it took a lot of reminding myself that I had to do it and work hard at it even though it was very uninteresting. The organization of the class was mainly hour long lectures in silence followed by a quiz from the day before. I had to constantly take myself out of the mindset of disinterest. There will likely be many classes that don’t interest me throughout my career, but each can teach me something or add to my development.

Attached below is a copy of a mid-semester paper I wrote for History 100. It was the reasoning for my first B in a class in college and it was a tough lesson for me. I did not complete all the readings for the class and was not prepared enough to thoroughly do this assignment on the Aztec Empire. Receiving this grade was a hard, but necessary stepping stone to help me realize coasting through something will not get me where I want to be.