Biology 302: Comprehensive Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Biology 302 was my second section of anatomy, and the two classes were completely different. A&P II required a totally different way of thinking, mainly because of the design of the class. Dr. Jackson used application and real world examples of anatomy in assignments and exams. This was specifically helpful to me because I want to pursue a career in the medical field.

The assignment I included was our project at the end of the year, called the Myth Project. The goal of the Myth Project was to take an old medical myth, or “wives tale,” and disprove it using science based facts. First, the myth had to be acknowledged and credited by other non-reliable sources, much like a doctor would their patient. Then, the system of the body, like the immune system, was explained and related to the myth with no bias. Lastly, the myth was disproven by extremely credited sources.

This process of validation, facts, and accreditation is applicable to be successful in many conversations where I and someone else have opposing views. This could also apply significantly to my medical career when a patient has a complaint or worry. Although this method of learning in A&P II was difficult and took a lot of time, I am grateful for the ability to apply so much of what I learned to the real world.