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As more of a reserved person, reaching out and participating in different community groups can be a little painstaking for me. I would rather hide my face in a good book or spend the day outside, than spend any amount of time hanging out with people I do not really know. However, this has been something that I have been working on for a long time. Since moving from Michigan down to North Carolina at the beginning of high school, I have worked hard at being more involved in community groups. At the beginning of ninth grade, I had no friends, and I just went to school then went straight home. Throughout my high school career, I made new friends, joined a community orchestra, volunteered at different barns, and eventually even gave a speech at my graduation. Going to college hours away from home in a different state was a big leap for me. I was excited but also nervous. Since starting my education experience at Longwood University, I have continued to work on joining community groups and coming out of my shell more.


Cormier Honors CollegeĀ 

The Cormier Honors College has been a part of my time at Longwood since the day I moved in my first year. As an incoming student, I participated in the honor’s retreat a week before classes started. It was not easy for me to spend an entire week with people I did not know, but in the end, it was worth it. I made a few friends, and I felt better about starting my classes at Longwood. Since being a part of the Honors College, I have greatly benefited from the additional education experience. I have taken exciting courses that delved deeper into the subjects and have stretched my brain to think in different ways. I have also had the amazing chance to work with another honors student in a directed study with Jessi Znosko, where we looked at how volunteering affects stress levels. The Cormier Honors College has helped me both with the community it has provided, as well as with the unique learning experience it has provided.


Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a Christian group on campus that meets every Tuesday from 7:00pmĀ  to 8:30pm. I started attending at the end of my first semester after one of my roommates invited me to join her. Chi Alpha has really helped me grow both in my relationship with Jesus as well as in my relationships with other people. I look forward to Tuesdays every day of the week. Often, I find myself becoming negative and grumpy throughout the week, but Chi Alpha renews me and keeps me positive.