Hello! My name is Samantha Schlesser, and I started my Longwood journey in the fall of 2017. I am enrolled in the Cormier Honors College and currently a Mathematics major with a minor in Art. I just completed my first year at Longwood, and I’m on my way to my sophomore year.

       I was born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and grew up in Edisto, South Carolina until I was four years old; my family moved to Maryland and then to Roanoke, Virginia by the time I was six years old. I attended Roanoke Catholic School from kindergarten to twelfth grade. I was involved in many service clubs throughout high school, including FCA, Key Club, and Red Cross Club, and I still enjoy serving the community of Farmville through HSA and The Big Event. I also played varsity soccer throughout all four of my high school years, and I am planning on joining an intramural soccer team at Longwood.

Around my junior year of high school, I started to become more and more invested in my Mathematics classes. I took up to Honors Calculus II and very much enjoyed learning about how Math is applied in real-world problems. I went into college as an undeclared major because I was interested, but still on the fence about a Math major. Around the end of my first semester as a freshmen, I decided Math was the one for me. I also loved my Art classes in high school, from Drawing to Ceramics, and wanted to further my Art education in college. While I have just started this journey, I am eager to see what Longwood has in store for me.