Scholarship is arguably one of the most essential pillars of any honors college program.  A common misconception about Honors is that it is difficult. This is not the case. If you ask any Honors student, they will tell you, “It’s not harder work, it’s different work,” and that is the truth. Throughout my experience, I have not received significantly more or harder work from any of my Honors classes.

The Honors College offers so many experiences for students to succeed and learn, it is impossible for a student to attend them all. Honors genuinely understands that education does not stop when you leave the classroom. For example, academic seminars and experiences are hosted weekly, not just for Honors students, but the student body as a whole. Additionally, many Honors courses provide the opportunity for a field trip, which expands your knowledge of the subject you are taking. For example, in my Citizen 110 Honors class, the field trip was to the Virginia Film Festival to analyze the outsider in terms of an indie film. Also, there is an Honors Student Association that all students are allowed to participate in to determine how the Honors College functions. Finally, during the school year, students are regularly invited to formal dinners, team-building activities, and much more.

Honors cares about its students and wants them to succeed. I have been given so much support through my time in Honors, and it pays off. My grades are better than they have ever been, and I feel like I understand the material more than ever. In my earlier education, I never really felt cared about. But now, I know that in any endeavor that I may undertake, the Honors College will be there to support me.