My name is Ashlee Ratliff and I am a Social Work major at Longwood University. I am a junior in the Cormier Honors College currently.

Throughout middle and high school,  I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life; go to Longwood, graduate in 2023, become a nurse practitioner. All of that changed quickly after my arrival at Longwood University. Being exposed to so many people and so much education stimulated my imagination and allowed me to consider alternate avenues for my life than the one I had chosen for so long. This natural curiosity led to a deep passion for the field of social work with a special interest in advocacy and crime-related social work.

My current plans for after graduation are to obtain employment as a social worker in a children’s advocacy center or through the prosecutor’s office as a court advocate for victims of sexual abuse. I also plan to apply for my Master’s in Social Work shortly after graduation at Virginia Commonwealth University or University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.