My name is Ashlee Ratliff and I am a Nursing major at Longwood University. I am a freshman in the Cormier Honors College currently.

I did not have a long period of indecisiveness like many children do about their future careers. My options were simple and changed little over the years. No matter what I decided on, I knew that I would be involved in the medical field in some way, shape, or form, with a few of my selections being a doctor, counselor, or veterinarian. One day, I remember going to my stepmother and asking her what she believed I should do. Her words to me were that I loved people, and more than that, I loved helping and caring for them. So why not become a nurse? From then on, I knew that nursing was the correct career for me.

My current plans for after I finish college are to obtain employment at one of the numerous Henrico Doctors Hospitals in Virginia. I plan to continue my education at some time in the future by obtaining my MSN to become a Nurse Practitioner, then relocating to a general practice doctor’s office.