“Honors is family.”

I have heard many things referred to as a family before, and very few of them have truly felt as such. Many establishments use the idea of “family” to establish unity and coordination, but it can often feel empty. However, this is simply not the case for Honors.

Family, to me, represents a group of people that care about each other and desire to see each other succeed, irregardless of blood relation. Honors exemplifies this in many ways. There is no competition, no prizes for first place in Honors. Everyone must work together to achieve their common goals, which makes the community incredibly supportive and welcoming.

Honors classes also tend to be smaller in size, which gives the class a more intimate feel. When there are less people, that allows for more collaboration with those around you, and therefore, greater friendships and camaraderie.

I have met people in my classes that I will be friends with for a lifetime due to Honors. In a major such as Nursing, these friendships can mean the difference between passing and failing. For example, I have a small group of friends that I study with, which has improved my grades. I know I would not have this support if it were not for Honors bringing us together.