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Day 10 — 10 Days of CryptoCL, and Ongoing Implementation

Hello, all! Welcome to CryptoCL.

Firstly, thank you for joining me on Day 10 of CryptoCL. Every day I work on CryptoCL, I log my progress and thoughts, and I’m glad you all are joining me on this ongoing project. Thank you!

Back on topic, Implementation of OpenCL into BLAKE2s continues. I managed to find a slight workaround for the issue I stopped on, which is to simply set the second argument as 0. While in the main function, the argument is supposed to be 0-7 for all 8 instances of G being called, I’m only going to work on one instance, until things work. I just have the result of the kernel operation stored into “part” variables, from p1-p4, for v[0], v[4], v[8], v[12], respectively. Then, I free up the memory these cl objects take up within ROUND and main once I”m done.

Issues I’ve run into today is an issue of needing to make new definitions of blake2s functions. The function blake2s_compress is easy to fix, as that is declared and defined within the new blake2s-ref-driver.c file. However, functions like blake2s_init_key, blake2s_update, blake2s_final, and blake2s are declared in the blake2.h file. I could redefine them, but that would break other files within the directory that rely on those functions. I chose to copy those functions and make new definitions, which differ from the original to include the OpenCL objects (Like cl_context and cl_kernel) and the “_driver” suffix.

I was running into an issue on compiling, where the compiler couldn’t recognize OpenCL functions — but then I remembered I ran into this issue already, and included the OpenCL library in my make file.

The compiler is still having an issue at the moment — there’s an undefined reference to main. I don’t use makefiles often, and this seems to be an issue with being unable to make an output file. I will take a look tomorrow.

Next time, it will be time to finish the implementation and start bug hunting.

Thank you again for 10 days! See you next time!

Kyle Jenkins.

Time spent today: 1 hour 45 minutes
Total Time: 13 hours 45 minutes

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