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Day 5 — Tutorial #1 Complete and Research Findings

Hi, all. Welcome back to ICOC.

Today was a somewhat slow day. I decided to do a little bit of work towards the project, but not much — mostly some research.

However, Dr. Marmorstein contacted me about the driver update, and while the drivers were finished with the update, the error that was causing the Erik Smistad tutorial to fail was not an issue with the driver, but a bug in the program. The output vector, C, was accidentally given the const prefix. After that was fixed, the program ran correctly. Every print out of the program, where each element of A at i was incrementing by 1 from 0 until 1024, and every element of B at i was decrementing by 1 from 1024 until 0, equated to 1024.

I had begun looking into the other tutorial from Rob Farber, when Dr. Marmorstein shared with me a GitHub repository from a user whr, entitled “clblake.” It appears to be a very similar project to the one being conducted here, except rather than using BLAKE2, whr chose to use BLAKE256, instead. Regardless, given how closely the project resembles ours, we’re adding whr’s clblake repository as a “Previous Work” credit.

That was everything done today. Again, a shorter day, but next time, I will be implementing the Rob Farber tutorial as my second and final tutorial. Then, it’s time to start with the real project!

Thank you, and see you next time!

Kyle Jenkins.

Time spent today: 1 hour
Total Time: 5 hours

  1. Robert Marmorstein
    September 6th, 2020 at 22:12 | #1

    Funny. I’ve been calling this “CryptoCL”. I guess “ICOC” works, but I like my acronym better. Otherwise, good work this week, Kyle!