Post #5

In analyzing VCU Health, there are a few larger social and public issues that the organization is dealing with, especially when it comes to patient care and experience within the hospital, including treatment care and the overall price for these services. In order to somewhat address this issue, the organization’s website has an article on the cover page that states “VCU Health Breaks Ground on $349M Outpatient Facility” which addresses the “new standards” for patient experience and overall health care. An ideology critique would be an appropriate method to analyze the rhetoric that VCU Health is producing. This method would allow for a further evaluation of this organization’s beliefs and values while depicting their superior and high-quality components.

VCU Health tends to revolve its artifacts around the diversity of their staff, ability to successfully complete any challenge faced, and overall portray to be personable and knowledgeable for patients. Through a more scientific view, the organization portrays interests in advancing technology and research by supplying a few articles and general information tabs about the research they are currently performing in various fields, such as reproductive health, infectious diseases, and brain and neurology.

Multiple audiences are present for VCU Health as a whole. In analyzing particular contents, such as the rhetoric noted above, the target audience is particularly current and potential patients of the organization. Assumptions made about VCU Health largely vary depending on word-of-mouth and personal experience. However, some universal assumptions that can be made might include expensive hospital stays and overall bills, adequate or inadequate treatment methods, diverse staff, etcetera.

On the main page of the VCU Health website alone, there are multiple visual aids to further portray the messages that the organization is trying to represent as a whole. These images include diversity among staff, with images of a female doctor and male nurse, advances and improvements within the organization as a whole, with pictures of newly designed buildings, and even the care and amiability they provide, with an image of a mother and her child.

The interests of the working staff and employees of VCU Health are being depicted through the messages given by the organization. Overall, the employees and their patients allow this organization run day-to-day, therefore, their interests and goals are those that are represented within the organization’s rhetoric. Overall, my analysis will aim to shed light on organizations such as VCU Health and the overall complexity present within health care settings. Furthermore, I will focus my efforts around the billing and overall expenses present within this organization.