Post #5

In analyzing VCU Health, there are a few larger social and public issues that the organization is dealing with, especially when it comes to patient care and experience within the hospital, including treatment care and the overall price for these services. In order to somewhat address this issue, the organization’s website has an article on …read in detail

Post #4

Exigencies: Defined as “an imperfection marked by urgency” or “opportunity marked by urgency,” there are numerous exigencies that can be identified within VCU Health (Hoffman & Ford). Possibly, one of the most prominent challenges for the organization as a whole would be the inability to fully understand certain illnesses and overall have the technology and …read in detail

Post #3   Medium of Delivery: The form of rhetoric is presented in a video that explores the day-to-day aspects of numerous employees for National Hospital Week. Particularly, this video focuses on appealing to its audience by including multiple, diverse speakers that work in different departments of the hospital. Ethos: Appeals to Organizational Credibility In this …read in detail

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I will be analyzing VCU Health. I am choosing this organization because the audience for this group is so large and covers such a wide array of individuals. That being said, the audience for VCU Health’s rhetoric varies from patients with a range of conditions, disorders, and diseases to the doctors that treat these individuals. …read in detail