Hello world!

Hello everyone, my name is Brittany Shumaker and I am currently a senior at Longwood University! I am a Communication Sciences and Disorders major with a minor is Special Education. Once I graduate school, I plan to continue to pursue speech-language pathology and complete graduate school somewhere in Virginia or North Carolina. However, I have an increasingly strong craving to travel before settling down in my career, so no plans are set in stone yet! When I am not at school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, spending time outside, reading, and going to the gym. I hope you enjoy my work!

The overall purpose of my blog is to fulfill the requirements of my ENG 305 course, Organizational Rhetoric. With that in mind, I will be posting blogs that address given prompts throughout the semester while exploring and expanding on a personal appreciation I have always had for writing. While my primary audience will be my peers and professor, my postings might be of interest to other individuals similar in age and career path. Ultimately, this blog is the result of school-based requirement, however, I plan to incorporate my own personality, opinions, and styles into this work!