Spring 2017 PBL 620

Title: School bus safety

Explanation of Project:
1. Created an explicit procedure for how the department of pupil transportation and schools will respond to and handle a school bus accident.
2. Developed explicit procedures for how drivers will handle parents/guardians when they do not have their ID when picking up Pre-K and Kg students.

What I Did:
1. I met with the Zone 1 Transportation Supervisor and Assistant Transportation Supervisor to discuss the protocol in place in regards to school bus accidents. We created a bus incident checklist for each school’s transportation contact and a bus accident manual that will be shared in August with school administrative teams.
2. We discussed the need for consistency across the division. A letter from the Director of Pupil Transportation is sent to all incoming Pre-K and Kg students. I created a letter that building level administrators could use to enforce the policy.

NELP Standards:
Standard Two: Ethics and Professional Norms
Element 2.4 (Ethical Behavior)
Element 2.2 (Decision-Making)

Standard Three:
Element 3.4 (Supportive School Community)

Standard Six: Operations and Management
Element 6.1 (Management AND Operation Systems)
Element 6.4 (Legal Compliance)