Spring 2017 PBL 625

Title: Intervention Funds

Explanation of Project: I worked with my associate principal (intervention chair) and my bookkeeper to understand where our intervention funds come from, how they should be allocated throughout the year and how we can work to ensure we have enough intervention money at the end of the year so that our intervention teachers can assist with proctoring SOLs.

What I Did: I met monthly with my AsP and bookkeeper to review the Temporary Intervention Employees spreadsheet. The spreadsheet details the hours that each intervention teacher worked within that per pay period. We also discussed the funds remaining in the account.

NELP Standards:
Standard One: Mission, Vision, and Core Values
Element 1.1 (Mission and Vision)
Element 1.2 (Values)
Element 1.3 (Support System)
Element 1.4 (Improvement)

Standard Two: Ethics and Professional Norms
Element 2.2 (Decision Making)

Standard Three: Equity and Cultural Leadership
Element 3.1 (Equitable Protocols)
Element 3.2 (Equitable Access)
Element 3.3 (Responsive Practice)

Standard Six: Operations and Management
Element 6.1 (Management and Operation Systems)