Learning Opportunities

ODU Special Education, General Practicum Supervisor                                          October 2014-December 2014

• Provided a practicum experience for the practicum student to participate in a 45 hour field placement.
• Provided the practicum student with the opportunity to interact with special and general education teachers, paraeducators and support personnel in a collaborative atmosphere.
• Provided the practicum student the opportunity to explore and evaluate curricular approaches and instructional strategies, observe and discuss identification and assessment procedures.
• Provided the practicum student the opportunity to explore the development, monitoring, and evaluation of IEP’s and eligibilities.

VCU Tutoring Club, Instructional Activities Supervisor                                                 July 2014- August 2014
• Created appropriate instructional activities in reading and mathematics for two rising 4th grade students and eight 5th grade students. Instructional activities were used by undergraduate students who delivered the instruction.
• Provided undergraduate students with the opportunity to have practical experience working with students with disabilities.

VCU Special Education, General Practicum Supervisor                                        February 2013 to March 2013
• Provided practicum student with pacing guides, advised practicum student about math SOL/standards and provided lesson plan ideas that would be appropriate to support current work in the math curriculum.
• Scheduled time for the practicum student to observe best practice, connect with students, and ultimately schedule time to allow the practicum student to implement a math lesson and/or unit.
• Provided input about his practice and instruction.

The Faison School for Autism, Richmond, VA, Teaching Assistant                        Summer 2005/2007/2009
• Worked directly with students on daily basis, including educational programs and behavioral programs, presented data based instruction and summarized and graphed data daily.