Fall 2016 PBL 504

Title: Increasing parent involvement at PTA and SFEC (School and Family Engagement Committee) events.

Explanation of Project: I will work with my building principal, associate principal, Title 1 Reading teacher, Family Advocate and PTA president to brainstorm ideas for ways for us to increase parent involvement at our PTA and SFEC events. I will ask teachers and staff on ways that they feel we can increase our parent involvement at our after school events.

Related NELP Standards

◦Standard Three: Equity and Cultural Leadership

◦Element 3.4 (Supportive School Community)

◦Standard Five: Community and External Leadership

◦Element 5.1 (Communication)

◦Element 5.2 (Engagement)

◦Element 5.3 (Partnerships)

◦Element 5.4 (Advocacy)