Service is an important part of any education, whether that be in the Cormier Honors College or not. While I did not do all that much service during my freshman year, I plan on doing more, especially now that I have more opportunities to do so by joining more organizations. It is very good to help out the community that is supporting you, especially with something like going to college, as it is almost impossible to get through it alone.

This second part is coming from my Sophomore year. This year, I have done so much more than I did last year. In the fall, I rushed Phi Mu Delta fraternity, which has lead to many more service opportunities. I have continued to serve Longwood and the community through the Longwood Ambassadors, by giving tours and helping prospective families with whatever they need while they are at Longwood. I have also gone more outwards into the community through Phi Mu Delta, helping with various small projects around campus, as well as helping a boy named Josh Bolts with his physical therapy and work around the house, as he and his family are unable to do it themselves. Sophomore year allowed me the chance to give more back to the community, even if the Spring semester was ended very early.