Quantitative/Scientific Perspectives

For this perspectives level course, I took MATH 307: Intro to Game Theory with Dr. Wears. Going into this class, it was not at all what I expected it to be, but it ended up being a very interesting class nonetheless. I expected it to be about games in the sense that many people now talk about games, whether that is board games or video games. Instead it was about the mathematical theory of games, which was very interesting. It ended up benefiting me greatly, as many of these games are used in business decisions to help along with figuring out what makes sense, and in international economics to see benefits vs drawbacks of trade. This class not only interested me from the start, but also has helped me in my new major with some of the major classes I am taking now.

I have included a PowerPoint I made and used in that class, and although it does not make much sense on its own, I will provide some context here. This project was about the correlation between a monetary incentive and the actual productivity of workers. This correlation is discussed briefly in the PowerPoint, and I discussed it in much more detail in a presentation in the class. It was a cool subject that did not yield the results I expected, and all are summarized in the PowerPoint.

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