Letter to Senior Self

Senior Self,

I hope you’re doing well with everything. Kinda seems like senior year is super far off, even though I know it isn’t really all that far away. Hopefully you’re still in the Honors College reading this, the money is really helpful. Considering the fact that I’m thinking about changing my major right now, I really wonder if you’re still a cmsc major or if that changed, and if so, what it changed to. I hope you’re still in Ambassadors, giving tours is by far the best thing right now for me. I’m still working on the American Rover (I say this because I’m writing it during summer), which I realize is probably the best job I’ll ever have, so hopefully that’s still going for you. I hope you are doing well with mental health, I realize that it’s sometimes a struggle for you. I hope you had a wonderful college experience, and maybe you remember writing this, maybe not. Good luck in anything you do after college, whether that be grad school or a job.

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