I am a part of many different communities here at Longwood, including (but not limited to): the Cormier Honors College, the Longwood Ambassadors, the swim club, and the ultimate frisbee club. All of these communities help me further my education at the University by allowing me to reach out to many different students in many different majors/programs and talk to them about what they want to do. This is especially true for the Ambassadors, because I not only get to interact with students from all parts of the university, but also with potential future students, which reminds me of why I chose to come to Longwood. I also try to talk about the Honors College on all of my tours, and give examples and reasons that I love the Honors College, and try to debunk any fears future students may have about joining it.

This second update is from Sophomore year, and I have grown WAY more involved in the Longwood community than I was in freshman year (I guess that makes sense, as I get to know the school better I find different communities). I have rushed a social fraternity, Phi Mu Delta, I have held chair positions in both PMD and in the Longwood Ambassadors, as well as made some new friends within the Honors College through the Pittsburgh Cities as Text class. These new senses of community have made me very grateful of Longwood, and that even during the COVID pandemic when we all went home and started online classes, that I was still able to be close enough to these people I met during sophomore year and they were able to help me through it so far.