Study Abroad

In May 2018 I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Prior to the trip, I had never been to Europe. I was there for three weeks, which allowed me to explore different parts of Copenhagen.


Nyhavn is one of the most popular spots in Denmark with the colorful buildings.


I have a love for theme parks and the second oldest theme park, Tivoli, is in Copenhagen. A fun fact that I learned was parts of Tivoli inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.

Church of Our Savior

Church of Our Savior has 400 steps to the top that lead to an amazing view of the wonderful city. Above is my friend Lexi and I at the top!

I took a course through DIS called Positive Psychology while in Denmark. The course challenged me in ways that courses I took at Longwood did not. We discussed our strengths and how they would help us in leaderships roles in college and eventually our careers. We also discussed how people interact with one another. The course allowed me to evaluate my leadership style and how I work with people with different personality traits than my own. My favorite part of the class was an activity we did where we talked to a classmate and created positive interventions in their life. I enjoyed this activity because it allowed me to help someone become happier in their life while also giving me strategies to implement in my life.

The best part about studying abroad through DIS in Copenhagen was the ability to travel to other countries. I was able to go to Malmo, Sweden and Rome, Italy!


Here I am at the largest plaza in Sweden.


Here is a photo of my friend Hanna and I outside of the train station in Sweden.


Of course I couldn’t go to Rome without a picture at the Colosseum.

Overall, my study abroad pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the classroom and in the world. I wouldn’t change the experience for anything.