Goal 8 – Contemporary Society

Psychology was the class that I took to meet this goal. It was the first college class that I attended at Longwood University. I have always enjoyed learning about why people make certain decisions and different factors that are involved in the decision making process, so I knew this class would be interesting. It was a larger lecture style class, but my professor was excellent at making the class engaging and interactive. She had all of our names memorized by the second week of class, so it was definitely easy to ask questions and make comments on the material. She provided several ways to be involved and learn more about psychology outside of the classroom. There was a play held at the Moton museum which focused on differences for people of color. She also had us participate in different experiments for upper level psychology classes. My personal favorite extra activity was a movie showing one night. The movie was a documentary about people with mental illnesses performing stand up comedy. The documentary provided perfect examples of information from our textbook in real life. Psychology has been one of my favorite classes at Longwood because of the format the professor used.

As part of the class we learned about different conditioning or training techniques used and how they applied to our lives when we were children. I wrote a paper on behavior modification and how my parent applied it to me when I was potty-training.