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For this assignment, the same group and I were required to create an official announcement for the release of the new product we displayed within the brochure. This required sufficient knowledge of the first learning outcome of this course: how to analyze and produce writing found in the professional world. There are multiple different types of writing that are conducted in career settings, but the ones that applied to this assignment are business and media. This press release had to be convincing enough for people to become intrigued and purchase our product. This tapped into the business side of things because trying to sell items to customers is the specialty of that field. My group and I had to be our own business team and think about the plan of action that would result in success for our new company and merchandise. The second type, media, came into play because this document is going out into the media world where it will be analyzed and hopefully attract customers. We had to think about which aspects would get noticed the most in the world of media, social or in-person, and how best to advertise our new product. The second learning outcome, which is very obvious for this type of assignment, is the use of the eight C’s. No one will want to buy our product if we have spelling errors in our announcement. This would make us seem incompetent and untrustworthy if we cannot simply use proper English to make a statement. This is similar to customers not wanting to enter a business if the sign on the front of the building is misspelled or has a grammatical error. It was crucial to make sure that our words and sentences were correctly used in order to ensure success. Altogether, this assignment showed that presentation is a very important part of the professional world.