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This brochure assignment was one that very much challenged me as I had never attempted anything like it before in a class setting. Thankfully during my internship this year I had the opportunity to create posters/brochures/pamphlets, so I had a bit of an advantage. Though I knew how to work the website, I was unfamiliar with the idea of creating a fake company and product to sell. This required a different mindset than a typical creative project because one had to look at it from a business perspective instead of simply creating something nice to look at. As I am in no way a business major, nor have I ever thought about that side of things, it was challenging but in a good and different way. This project tapped into the learning outcome about creating professional documents that use design features because it was really important to think about layout, format, graphics and etc. when completing the assignment. I had to learn about the specific requirements and expectations when it comes to creating a professional brochure. When creating it, the color of text, amount of pictures, types of information, proper spacing, and more all had to be considered. The other learning outcome the project connected to is participating productively in collaborative projects. I was not alone in this; I had two other people who were helping and figuring it out with me. This was a difficult task in the sense that we all had to agree on each change that was made to the brochure and work together on making it successful. I have worked in groups before, but this one was different as it required creativity and not just writing skills. I had to learn how to listen and create along with other people and that was a helpful experience for future collaboration in the workplace.