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The Formal Report was the most time consuming and rigorous of the projects required for English 470. It had multiple parts that I was very unfamiliar with and thus there was a learning curve to adapt to. There were multiple learning objectives attached to this assignment; more than the other professional documents I created. The first objective required for completion of this work was having productive collaboration within the group I was assigned to. Working together to complete this assignment required constant communication and multiple outside-of-class meetings. This was the most involved I had ever been in a group project because there were so many different parts required to complete this document. My group members and I had to agree on each decision made and keep each other accountable for equal shares of the work. The second objective involved is being able to create professional documents that use elements of design. This was especially important for this assignment because each page, of all 18, had specific instructions for its set-up and layout. The construction of each page had to be exact and in line with every other to ensure consistency throughout the report. The final objective used is the practice of oral communication skills to present effectively. We were required to give a 15-minute presentation on the formal report we created and pretend as if our classmates were the company at hand. There was a great deal of preparation that went into giving the presentation as each person had to speak for an equal amount of time. We all had to create our powerpoint slides and practice what we would say to correctly represent the report we wrote. I had never presented work in a business-like setting before, so the tone had to be adjusted accordingly. Through this, I learned how to approach introducing new content to superiors or clients in a proper format. Overall, this assignment tested a lot of different professional learning areas, but there was an immense payoff.