Productive Summer Planning Workshopclick here to sign up (​)

WHO: Faculty, staff, and graduate students

WHEN: May 20, 2019 10:00-12:00

WHERE: Clark House Conference Room (first floor)

WHAT: Want to have a more productive summer and feel rejuvenated when you begin the fall semester? Join Dr.  Renee Gutiérrez for a workshop based on Kerry Roquemore’s technique for summer planning. A great summer (both working and relaxing) can spring from a few short hours of organizing and thinking. Bring your calendar (and your computer if you like); we’ll supply sticky notes and paper. Learn key strategies for a productive and restorative summer, and work through a proven process to plan your summer.

Professional Portfolio Workshop: click here to sign up​ (​)

WHO:      For (1) tenure-track faculty entering their second year, (2) lecturers, and (3) clinical educators

WHEN:    May 20, 2019  2:00-3:30pm

WHERE:  Clark House Conference Room, first floor

WHAT:    Join Dr. Adam Franssen to learn about the components of your professional file (both university and departmental requirements), the review process and its timeline; and a framework that will help you think about the professional file crafts a narrative (Audience, Context, and Purpose).

Start Write In: click here to sign up (

WHO: Faculty, staff, and graduate students–anyone who has a research or writing program

WHEN: May 21st, 1:00-4:30pm

WHERE: Clark House Conference Room (first floor)

WHAT: A workshop hosted by Dr. Pam Tracy to help you past the obstacles to writing professionally. You’ll learn about how to change your attitude about writing, how to squeeze more writing into a packed schedule, and how to write in community. Bring your computer and a research project (at any stage, from idea to polishing a draft.)